Rain or shine, a hundred people or four, we got you. our goal is to document your day as though we are seeing it through your eyes and  to serve you well throughout the entire process. WIth all the stress of planning a wedding or elopement, this should be the fun part. Our couples and their experience are our top priority.

Hi, We’re The Lahmanns.


My name is Emily & his is Brandon. We are high school sweethearts, lovers, and best friends. We spend most of our days off eating Mexican food and watching either The Office or New Girl. We also enjoy thrift shopping and making last minute getaways to random Airbnbs in the mountains ‘n shit.

We have a dog (Irish doodle) named "Winston Schmidt" and he legitimately thinks he runs the whole house. We honestly should be making him pay rent.

*Also, our last name is pronounced any way you wanna say it. "La-man" or "Lay-man" we don't mind and we quite honestly don't know.


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