We Say It Like It Is.

We believe every moment of your time together should be a celebration, that shouldn’t exclude your photographs.


About Us

My name is Emily & his is Brandon. We are high school sweethearts, lovers, and best friends. We spend most of our days off eating Mexican food and watching either The Office or New Girl. We also enjoy thrift shopping and making last minute getaways to random Airbnbs in the mountains ‘n shit. 

We have a dog (Irish doodle) named "Winston Schmidt" and he legitimately thinks he runs the whole house. We honestly should be making him pay rent.

Our favorite parts of weddings are watching the groomsmen try to chill when it’s time for their photos, the food, the dance floor, anddd obviously when the bride and groom are so happy they can’t hold back their tears.. but also everything else that happens. Basically, if we don't relate on any of those things then we're probably a pass for you. 

*Also, our last name is pronounced any way you wanna say it. "La-man" or "Lay-man" we don't mind and we quite honestly don't know.


 Meet The Team



He built this city.

I am so stoked to finally be doing video alongside Emily! I’m the one who talks Emily up before every wedding, hauls all the gear, and backs her up while also capturing bomb footage. I love being able to be around Emily (what a babe) and to use her artistic ability to bring her style to life through video. I enjoy gaming, watching football, and eating Mexican food. I was raised in California, Arizona, and Georgia. My favorite place, by far, is still Cali. My heart is the fullest when hanging out with my friends and family. Any music from ‘09 is my jam.



She built this city on rock and role.

I’m the one who will be answering your texts and emails 99% of the time and making all the social media posts/stories! I l enjoy binge watching Netflix shows while I edit your photos and I also enjoy dipping my fries in queso at Mexican restaurants. Fun fact: I actually did hair & makeup for weddings before I ever did photography and once I even sang in a wedding ceremony. I’ve lived all over but anywhere Brandon is chilling is always my fave. Turn on any type of trap music at your reception and you’ll see the damage living in St.Louis had on me.


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 Kind Words

Q & A


When should we expect our finished gallery back?

In the case of weddings, no later than six weeks. In the case of engagement sessions, no later than 3 weeks. 

What should we wear for our engagement session?

That's a good question. That's also a hard question, because I don't know exactly who i'm talking to. It really all depends on what you feel expresses you the most. I have a guide that I made specifically for my brides and grooms when trying to decide what to wear for their sessions. Once we nail down a date for your engagement session, I will shoot you that nifty little guide! Hopefully, it will help you pick something out that makes you two both feel comfortable and stylish. 

Can we bring our dog?

Always. The answer will always be always. How the heck anyone ever say no?

How do we secure our spot with you?

Easy peasy. I will shoot you a quote. You accept it with a press of a button. Then i'll shoot you your contract and invoice. As soon as you sign the contract and pay your deposit from your invoice you are all set. 
*Engagement deposits are 50% of the total price of whichever package you choose. Wedding deposits are 30% of the total price of whichever package you choose.

What happens if the weather is bad for our engagement session?

Well, that's kind of up to you. Some people want intimate photos in the rain and are alllll for adventuring and getting their feet a little dirty. But, some of you would much rather just reschedule, and that's cool too! There will be no fee for having to reschedule, due to weather. The weather is not under our control, we can only make the best of it, or pick a new day to gallop through the meadows. 

Can we bring along friends, family, uncle Bob, Aunt Lydia, or my second cousin to the engagement session?

No. Sorry, but as amazing as you think it would be, it would only hinder your photos. The emotions I draw out of the two of you just wouldn't be the same with someone else watching your every move. I want to create an experience between the three of us, and I can't do that very well when your mom is heavy breathing over my shoulder and whispering Pinterest photo ideas in my ear. (Not that i don't love pinterest boards. fricking send me that goodness!) 

Will you be able to shoot in dark at our reception?

Yep. I have plenty of flashes/lighting for my cameras and for my second shooter. We have invested lots of money into the best equipment we can find alll for you guys.

What is something happens to you the day of our wedding?!

God forbid something like this ever happen, I have prepared for it within my contract. In a life or death situation, you are promised that Brandon will take my place and we will find another second shooter of equal talent. If Brandon is also unavailable, we promise to find a photographer (of equal talent) to photograph your wedding for me. I will then edit all the images and deliver them to you as planned. You WILL receive everything you were told you would within the package you booked with me. This has never happened before, and I don't think it will. BUT, if it does, I'm prepared.